June 23, 2013

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Electric Bikes on Patrol:

Police E-bikes Introduced at Nation's Largest Law Enforcement & Security Expo

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Law enforcement and private security forces now have a new tool to fight urban crime: electric bicycles fast on the streets, economical, silent, easy on the knees, and far more effective, durable, and affordable, compared to Segway vehicles currently in use for security.

PoliceEbikes, a branch of Hybrid Pedals LLC based in Arlington VA and specializing in electric bicycles (called e-bikes) and solar-energy-related solutions, will demo and offer test-rides on several new e-bike models specifically designed for the rigors of urban law enforcement at the international Police Security Security Expo being held in Atlantic City NJ on June 24 and 25, 2013.

This demonstration will be the first time e-bikes are displayed at a nationwide law enforcement gathering.  "E-bikes represent the logical evolution in police patrol," said Alan Levine, CEO of Hybrid Pedals LLC. "Police e-bikes can go places that cars, Segways , and even all-terrain vehicles can't go.  Police officers can pedal when they like and then switch on the motor to go uphill or to go faster and farther in silent pursuit of lawbreakers, and compared to all motorized vehicles, we're talking about daily costs of only pennies per patrol.  The payback period on e-bikes can be measured in months, rather than years."

A beta-test pre-expo demo earlier in June of an electric bike cruising across the streets, to the Boardwalk, and then onto the sandy beach in Atlantic City captured the interest of local law enforcement representatives involved in emergency medical services.

Approximately 31 million electric bikes were sold in 2012, according to Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports.  Most of these sales were in China, and sales have already surpassed one million units in Europe in the past year, but they are only just starting to catch on in the USA, where gas prices are lower than almost anywhere else in the world. Although not new --they have been available in North America, Europe and Asia for more than 100 years -- electric bikes in recent years have reached a new level in sophistication, battery life, and affordability.

"Electric bikes could be the decisive element for gaining big savings on tight law enforcement budgets," said Levine. "Look around you: Gas is over $4 a gallon in most cities. Traditional bikes are nice, but patrolling on a bike all day long, day after day, is simply too physically demanding for police patrol work, leading to fatigue, injury and disability. As for Segways -- with their bulky weight, their 12-mph top speed, 10-mile top range, and delicate disposition -- aren't exactly ideal for fighting crime or responding to emergencies where people must be evacuated quickly."

Many electric bikes can travel on average a distance of 20 miles on a flat surface, climb hills and inclines (slightly less range), and reach speeds of 20 mph on battery power alone, said Levine. “Pedaling an e-bike can take you almost anywhere you want to go farther and faster. Another advantage: police officers likely would not need a recharge for their entire beat.”

In past years, emergency responders did not believe that the range of e-bike was sufficient to meet their needs.  Harnessing new solar technology to recharge batteries off the grid even while in use makes e-bikes an appealing option for emergency responders.

"The versatility of electric bikes for law enforcement, security, and emergency responders is impressive," said Levine.  "The industry has recently matured to the point to where there are a variety of excellent electric bikes that are solidly built and affordable priced.  I think all urban municipalities need to take notice of them."

The Police Security Expo is the nation's longest running, most respected and best known product-based forum for law enforcement, homeland security, corporate security, private security, and government professionals.

Hybrid Pedals LLC, based in Arlington, Va., is a distributor for the best and most popular e-bike name brands in the USA and sells electric bicycles ranging in price from $1,500 to $20,000, and even some mini-folding e-bikes for commuters and urban use that retail for about $1,000.  Their new retail space at 925A N. Jackson Street in Arlington serves as a showcase for its products.

Hybrid Pedals LLC also has recently begun offering e-bike rentals and tours in Washington DC.  For more information about these services, visit www.ezbikerides.com.  “Most people don’t realize how e-bikes offer great economic and health benefits to consumers,” said Ray Carrier, who manages operations for Hybrid Pedals LLC. “With an e-bike, you get the option to either pedal or not, meaning that you can get as much exercise as you want or need while riding them, but don’t have to get exhausted or sweaty by just turning on the throttle when you want to climb steep hills or inclines, or return home from long rides. E-bikes are the wave of the future for short distance travel in urban areas, and will be part of the lifestyle changes that people will experience as we adjust to tackling the approaching crisis of climate change and mandated reductions in carbon emissions.”


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