PoliceEbikes.com Alan Levine, President, www.PoliceEbikes.com

Beginning while I was in college, when I started a successful business addressing a need among on-campus students for an easy way to get their clothes washed or dry cleaned, my life has evolved to become a series of entrepreneurial undertakings, each offering its own set of challenges and opportunities to grow. Over time I found myself moving back to the DC area and taking over the family business – Mario’s Pizza in Arlington, VA. Branching out from there, I started Doctor Delivery, which was the first restaurant food delivery business in the region, creating a viable business model that companies like Takeout Taxi and others soon copied with great success.

In recent years my passion for addressing un-met needs in the marketplace has resulted in investments in a number of new ventures, many of which I am actively involved in - on a board level or as a part of the management team. Some of these ventures are “under wraps”, but among the most compelling current areas of focus are:

  • Hybrid Pedals Bikes – A fast-growing e-bike distributorship focusing on expanding the use of e-bikes by business, government and consumers as a green alternative to traditional transportation options.

  • PoliceEBikes – Addressing the pressing need among law enforcement and emergency response groups for off-the-grid capabilities that enable continuous performance of mission-critical services following natural disasters; in the event of terrorist activity; and during other times of emergency.

  • Seamless Solar Solutions – Developing state-of-the art solar technologies that reduce reliance on “grid power” by people, businesses and government, with a focus on mobility - making power available where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Applications include powering of equipment used in mobile “Command Centers”; powering of e-bike fleets; and providing power-sourcing for a range of emergency-related needs.


  • New Business Development, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Product Development


  • American University Bachelor of Science (BS), Business Administration and Management 1976 – 1979

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