PoliceEbikes.com Albert Nunez, Chief Engineer, www.PoliceEbikes.com

Renewable Energy /Water Efficiency Consultant,
Systems Designer, Project Development Manager

Mr. Nunez is one of the nationís most experienced solar and distributed generation Project Managers. He has decades of experience as a solar, wind, and distributed generation project design and fabrication engineer.

Mr. Nunez has now been working with our company on developing solar charging systems for e-bikes for two years and has developed a system for maintaining a trickle charge for these Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) while they are being held in storage in trailers. He has also designed systems that will allow for continuous solar charging of e-bike batteries during use, thus greatly increasing the power assisted range of the e-bikes.

He has also been developing solar charging systems for portable hand held medical devices for use in lesser-developed countries by health workers that travel out to remote locations via e-bikes. These include a solar powered vaccination refrigerator that are mounted on a mobile e-bike powered trailer platform for delivering fresh refrigerated serums to remote villages or disaster relief scenarios. Under development are patient transport e-bike powered systems as well.

In February 2008 the Department of Energy selected Mr. Nunez to travel to the South Pole and the McMurdo Bay Antarctica Stations to perform an assessment of renewable energy potential to cut use of JP-8 fuel to power and heat facilities there. He was involved in the selection and ongoing performance evaluation of two e-vehicles for testing at McMurdo Station. The goal was to replace a significant portion of the McMurdo vehicle fleet with electric vehicles where possible.

Mr. Nunez is the founder, co-owner, and vice-president of Capital Sun Group, Ltd., a renewable energy engineering solar/conservation consulting and marketing services company in Maryland.

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