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Jay managed more than 200 projects for a wide spectrum of federal agencies, state governments, and non-profit groups. His most recent Federal project was to design and implement of the cost accounting system for the 2010 decennial census, and his management of the project was assessed at CMMI Level 3. He was a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP).

Previous to that, he developed US EPA's first fully-functional geographic information system spanning all environmental media, used widely by EPA regional offices and state environmental agencies. His programming skills reached far beyond expectations: For EPA's "Children and the Environment Report," Jay conducted a statistical analysis of infant mortality 2001-2003 and its correlation to air pollution, matching 8,000 infant deaths to 3 million survivors, subject to complex criteria. To solve this problem, designed and implemented a massive parallel processing computing environment. "P vs. NP" problems are generally considered unsolvable under conventional processing methods, and "P vs. NP" was considered by Clay Mathematics Institute as one of it seven "Millennium Prize Problems," impossible to prove using current knowledge.

For US Department of Energy in 1980, Jay developed a full-text retrieval system based on keywords in context, universally available to DOE staff and contractors, predating Google and other search engines by more than a decade.

His client list includes

  • American Management Systems
  • Aspen Systems, Inc., Silver Spring MD
  • The Centech Group, Falls Church VA
  • CRP, Inc., Washington DC
  • Environmental Technology Council, Washington DC
  • Cadmus Group, Waltham MA
  • C.C. Pace Systems, Fairfax VA
  • Computer-Based Systems Inc., Arlington VA
  • E.H. Pechan and Associates, Inc., Springfield VA
  • Engineering-Science, Inc., Fairfax VA
  • Hagen Media Research, McLean VA
  • ICF Consulting, Inc., Fairfax VA
  • Labat-Anderson, Inc., Arlington VA
  • Pragma Corporation, Falls Church VA
  • PRC Environmental Management, McLean VA
  • Rainbow Technology, Inc., Olney MD
  • SBC Communications, Hoffman Estates IL
  • Science Applications International Corp., Falls Church VA
  • Tetra Tech, Inc., Fairfax VA
  • User Technology Associates, Arlington VA
  • Versar, Inc., Springfield VA
  • VíGYAN, Inc., and Indus Corporation, Falls Church VA
  • Westat, Inc., Gaithersburg MD

    His customer list includes:
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • US Department of the Navy
  • US General Accounting Office
  • US Department of Energy
  • US Department of Labor
  • US Department of Transportation
  • US Resolution Trust Corporation
  • US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • State of Illinois
  • State of Maryland
  • State of Minnesota
  • Robert Weiner Associates
  • Dozens of non-profit organizations where he serves as webmaster and chief information officer

  • Jay Jacob Wind holds a BA from University of Wisconsin - Madison with majors in psychology and chemistry. Jay holds an MBA from University of Georgia - Athens in management science.
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