PoliceEbikes.com Hurricane Sandy Raises Awareness of Need for Alternative Disaster Transportation
June 23, 2013
Jim Turner of Optibike discusses the importance of off-the-grid electric bikes

The effect of Hurricane Sandy has shown the need for alternative transportation means when power is disrupted.

When the electric grid goes down, so does the ability for gas stations to pump gas. Individuals are left without the lifeblood of survival, transportation. 

In addition to scarcity of fuel, roads are clogged with emergency vehicles and cars as public transportation is disrupted. Often, roads are blocked to vehicle traffic due to flooding, downed trees or complete destruction of the road surfaces.

Individuals are faced with limited choices. Transportation is necessary to secure emergency supplies, transport victims to medical care and for communication.  

The American made Optibike electric bicycle, is a powerful viable means for alternative disaster transportation. It is a simple low-energy use vehicle that can transport up to 250 pounds in cargo and a rider for up to 50 miles. The bike is easily charged with $500 worth of solar panels for an infinite supply of energy.

The bike uses a Surly trailer for carrying large capacity. Entire desks and water containers can be transported, up to 36 cubic feet of cargo. It can even transport a person to a medical facility, when the long trailer is covered with a mattress. The Optibike 850R electric bike can be a vital link in disaster transportation.

“When my family and I do our disaster planning, the Optibike is a vital part of our transportation mix. We realize during extended periods of a disaster, fuel supplies can quickly run out. The Optibike gives us the ability to obtain supplies and obtain emergency services when there is no fuel. We live 10 miles from town, so transportation is essential to obtain supplies,” said Jim Turner, president of Optibike.

The unique design of the Optibike, with a large battery and powerful motor, make it one of the few electric bikes sold to be able to handle these difficult tasks in a disaster situation.  The extra power lets loads up to 250 pounds be transported.  The off-road set up with dual suspension allows the Optibike to safely navigate damaged roads, even in severely wet conditions.

“The Optibike is built tough and can handle the terrible conditions encountered in disaster situations, allowing individuals to have the lifeblood of survival, transportation,” said Jim Turner.


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