PoliceEbikes.com Ray Carrier, Chief Administrative Officer, www.PoliceEbikes.com

Ray has spent already more than five years in the Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) industry after a long career in management and consulting. In 2009, after visiting China for several months and developing an impressive Business Plan, he was able to get the Abell Foundation, Baltimore’s most important, to provide him with financial support to allow him to open and manage a Green Rider retail store in the trendy Fells Point section of the city for sales of electric bikes & scooters. Since this was just after the Wall Street meltdown and the technology he was trying to introduce to the market was still relatively unknown to the market, he was eventually forced to shut down after 18 months due to limited sales.

Because they both share the same vision about the potential future for e-bikes to gradually infiltrate the consumer marketplace and become a popular mode of short distance travel and exercise, he teamed up with Alan Levine in 2011 and has been a partner in Hybrid Pedals LLC since 2011. His primary responsibilities pertain to general administration, and direct management and marketing of the EZ Bide Rides tours and rental operations, as well as of our Green Rider retail store.

Originally French Canadian, Ray completed most of the MBA program at McGill University in Montreal and also holds a MScHR from American University, Washington DC, specializing in Organizational Design and Development. Entering the field of Human Resource Management (known earlier as Personnel Management) at the time when it was just beginning to be a respectable profession, he worked for several years in Canada with major corporations, including Reynolds Aluminum, Dresser, and Westhouse Electric, where he had the opportunity too become an expert in most specialty sectors of this field.

After getting bit by the travel bug, Ray ventured into international work, starting first in Algeria as a manager in the engineering and construction field with Pullman-Kellogg (now part of Kellogg, Brown & Root, a division of Haliburton), then with Bechtel and Parsons in Saudi Arabia before getting into the health care industry with Whittaker in Yemen. Next he switched and got into the field of International Development, working with the Louis Berger Group in Liberia on a major USAID consulting project in Liberia as a Civil Service Reform expert. This was followed by an unsuccessful attempt to set up a music reproduction and sales business as a sub-contractor to EMI.

During this period he also worked as a contractor for several US embassies conducting salary surveys and job evaluation audits. From there he became a Human Rights Observer on the major 2-year OAS/UN Mission in Haiti, after which he spent several years in the Dominican Republic attempting to set up a Tour Operator business. On numerous occasions he also served on both short and long term missions with CANADEM and OAS as an International Elections Observer and Adviser in Haiti, Guyana, and Ukraine. His last long term consulting assignment was with UNDP in Liberia as leader of a consulting team on the Governance Reform Commission.

“Having lived, worked and traveled over much of my life not only in North America but also in many other countries around the world, I’ve witnessed how e-bikes have in recent years gained great popularity and replaced cars in places where the cost of gasoline is too expensive for people to travel over short distances around the city. Hundreds of millions of people now ride them in China, and last year Europe reached the breaking point with more than 1 million sales. From these worldwide experiences I’ve taken on a futuristic perspective, and am firmly convinced that we all need to change our lazy lifestyles of wasteful consumption of gasoline from spending so much time behind the wheel of our cars, and break off our unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels to combat climate change and save our planet. E-bikes are the wave of the future, and I can foresee the day in the not-too-distant future when every household in the USA will have one or more e-bikes as partial substitutes for cars for short distance travel, and as excellent exercise tools for consumers to stay in shape and combat our increasingly urgent health crisis of over-weight and obesity. E-bikes can also be an excellent tool for the workplace in many fields such as police and security work, and can help organizations Go Green while reducing their budgets at the same time.”

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